As far back as She can remember, Bonnie Sachs created art, sang, acted in plays and loved clothes.

After a brief career in musical theatre in New-York and throughout the country, Bonnie left the stage behind, moved to Los Angeles and worked in music artist management for several years.

She went back to school at 31 and became an interior designer, and after working for some noted designers, started my own firm. Bonnie ran her business for 35+ years and created homes and offices throughout California, and in Jackson Hole, Scottsdale and Chicago.

Artist Bonnie Sachs

I recently re-invented myself and circled back to my original dream of acting! i am also creating art and curating my instagram @beingbonnie1 which celebrates pro-aging, grey hair, and fun with fashion.

Bonnia Sachs

Bonnie Sachs’s Art Piece was inspired by the AJ420S.

View the inspiration.

To view more of Bonnie Sachs’s work, go to @beingbonnie1

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  1. Great to see my cousin’s art work.
    Congratulations cousin Bonnie!

  2. Wow! You look great in Alembika. Perfect match!! Love their clothes.

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