We welcome Tina Martel to the #Alembikawomen family, here are her answers to our 5 questions…

What did you do or do for work? 

I have a rather convoluted work history. Everything from TV/newspaper advertising, retail management, child care worker, debt collection, fitness instructor, and my final and longest career as an academic. I spent over two decades teaching Fine Arts post secondary. Simultaneously I had a professional art career, which I still have. Artists create forever. And I have added a rather odd combination of flat model, breast cancer advocate and author. It’s hard for me to be still.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

This is one of those dig deep questions… and the truth is I tend to sit with things. I ponder. Occasionally I make a list of the pros and cons but it always seems so disingenuous. After all, what is the tipping point? Does each point weigh the same? I have had to make a lot of serious decisions regarding my health and treatment and what I was prepared to do or not do. These are life and death ones, not do I feel like pumpkin spice today? Up against those I wait. I make my list. But I sit and wait for that quiet moment, where I can listen for the answer.

What would you do if you had the whole day for yourself?

I am retired. And I have no children. I have every day to myself. Right now I live on a  beautiful island on the West Coast. Many of my days start with a latte brewed by my husband. Followed by a walk on the beach preferably somewhere where we are apt to see seals and otters. My favourite haunt for the day is my studio. I can get lost forever.

What is the best thing about being a woman? 

Where do I start? The clothes? Imagine being stuck wearing one anything for your whole life. Men did not think that one through.  But, on a serious note, I realized as I aged that women often possess this amazing ability to connect. I think it stems from, for most of us, not having to have an answer for everything. It opens you up to listening. Of course there are always exceptions and if you have one of those women in your life… I’m sorry. 

What is the one piece of clothing you cannot live without?

Only one??? I simply could not live without a dress. If you removed everything else in my closet and left me a dress I would be fine. It is the ultimate throw it on, layer over it, add some great boots, accessories and out the door in under five minutes. It’s about simplicity. It’s probably genetic as even as a young child my choice was always a dress. Much to my mother’s distress when she tried to take us tobogganing. She drew the line at sequin dresses for outdoor activity.

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  1. I went flat too after a double mastectomy, I’m not feeding anyone AND I can lay flat on a massage table. I am much older than they are, but all beautiful women. If people don’t like the way I look, they can look over there. What other people think about me is none of my business. PS. I love your clothes

  2. Such a beautiful woman. Her indomitable spirit shines. NOT a victim, but a champiomn for what it means to be a victorious woman.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I really feel we are not being given all of the information we need. The choice should be an informed one. And yes, I too can lie flat on a massage table… ❤️

  3. Tina is a role model and an inspiration. She’s a warrior and a champion. Just seeing her lifts my spirits, as a woman and a fellow flattie. And she’s stunningly beautiful. Thankful for her and all she’s doing.

  4. Tina is amazing how she can take a situation that many women would have a hard time dealing with, and turn it into something positive, focusing on the pluses and benefits instead of the negative. She is the studying representative of the flat that I want to be. ❤️

  5. Such amazing grace! Thank you for sharing about your journey and clothing choices. You look beautiful.

  6. You are radiant. Your indomitable spirit shines and I am proud to be your flat sister.

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