We asked the Alembika family (from staff to shoppers) “how do you live your best life?” Here are the responses we received:

Think good and well about yourself, try not to over criticize and be hard on yourself

Hagar, Alembika Designer

For me to live the best life is to be myself, love who I am and share it with friends, colleagues and family

Yael, President of Alembika USA

I enjoy the pleasures of life: good food, good drinks and good company, as well as challenging myself to achieve more and doing more.

Alin, Head of Marketing & eCommerce

I live my best life through travel. Taking every opportunity to discover the beauty our planet offers, seeing the land and learning through the eyes of other people. My best life is being a forever student of the road.

Fatima, Sales Director

Spend a little time every day learning what happiness and love looks and feels like to me. And never forget to treat myself like a friend.

Kira, Merchandise Manager

Living my best life means seeking out new experiences, having a love of learning, and also being able to slow down and embrace the present world around me.

Claire, Assistant Merchandise Manager

Living your best life means to me; finding happiness in the little things and learning your peace. Having a positive relationship with your inner self is the key to being whole.

Lola, Stylist

I live my best life by knowing my “no,” my “yes” and my “why.” I use it as a guide to choose the people, places and things that support, nourish and align with my true north, my peace and my joy.

Gennifer, Copywriter

I live my best life through doing what makes me happiest- spending time with close family, a few good friends, going to the beach and seeing live music.

Taryn, Graphic Design

Trying to appreciate every moment for what it has to offer, not letting it be ruined by worry or projecting negative thoughts. Also, being open to new experiences and introducing small changes, all positive, add to the quality of my life.

Anca, Receivables

Living your best life means embracing every opportunity for growth, finding joy in the little moments, and creating a harmonious balance between passion and responsibility.

Tim, SEO Digital Marketing

To “live your best life” is believing that the cup is not only half full, but it’s plentiful, nourishing and complete, with everything you need. And it’s about appreciating the journey.

Robin, SEO Social Media Digital Marketing

To me living my best life means taking full advantage of what life hands you and being the best version of yourself that you can. We are going to suffer pain no matter what in this life, and I would rather pay the price of discipline than the price of regret.

Jonathan, Social Media Digital Marketing

Now to experience contentment and a peace with all I have, all I have experienced, and absolute acceptance of what I have been given and participated in creating, to live in this moment and continue on well. Of course that can then be very expanded, but of most importance is now great self acceptance and love.

F.B., Alembika Shopper

Living your best life…..that’s easy!  JOY




Put God first….always

Do for others

then yourself

S.H. Alembika Shopper

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