Last week we had a Dayle, known as @Arftfulcitystyle on Instagram, in our NYC showroom to play with some clothes. She shared that she owns 9 pairs of Punto Pants! Our signature pants have taken over her closet as her absolute favorite and her “go-to” travel pants.

She told us, “These Punto Pants have seen so many countries!” We invited her to the showroom to check out our new, current season of Puntos while having fun styling her old ones with fresh new tops. Some items are simply timeless.

We always make sure to have a Punto in every group we offer, each season. How many Puntos do you have in your closet?

Share your Punto story!

Happy Week,

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  1. I am a fan, but cannot see how to try on.
    i have some older dresses that i love . im in SF Bay Area. i wish i could get more.

  2. I only wear punto pants and I happen to have 9 pair. As a matter of fact I only like Alembika clothes. Let’s say not like but love. I always get complimented on everything.

  3. Could you tell me if these punto pants look okay on a person who is 5 feet 1 inch?

    1. Hi Jan – sure- there should be no problem!

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