Alembika DNA is designed for women over 50. We allow ourselves to be our true selves and invite change at 50 and over which weren’t so accessible at a younger age. I don’t really care about what people think of me, and growing older brings so much freedom and joy. 

I am becoming wiser by being in touch with our community of ladies, I see how you dress yourselves in so many different ways, daring, trying new things and being very playful.

Maturity doesn’t come without experience. Something good happens to us at 50 and on, don’t you think? 

We love to showcase your stories, to show how you dress and stay loyal to your needs. 

Furaha is one good example. We shared her story and style this week.

She definitely doesn’t let the past define who she is today.

Happy Tuesday.
Yael, President, Alembika USA

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  1. Love seeing real women wearing your fabulous clothes!
    Alice Sherman Simpson
    author & visual artist

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