Many times I feel stuck in between generations. I belong to that generation that sees the work place at the office and not at home or through zoom. When hiring young employees these days they expect to work remotely, at least part of the time. I almost need to apologize if I want them to come to the office daily. I am still adjusting!

I am also not so good at remembering all the pronouns our kids use today. I don’t always remember to say “they” instead of “she” or “he” and I do not appreciate it when the younger generation has no patience with me when I make these mistakes.

There is so much tolerance to practice. 

How are you doing with our “woke” generation? 

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. I totally understand all the comments you mentioned. I am a semi retired business owner. Part time realtor and mentor small businesses for a non profit, interestingly for both real estate and mentoring we are required to take a course on how to deal with “millennials.” It is a new world with a new language and one of the biggest challenges businesses have are what you described with employees. I have always thought of myself keeping up with the times and the technology. Zoom has become a major source of communication. Wanting to stay home and work becoming part of the norm. Everyday is a new experience and learning on how to navigate this world. My main positive I found from this is that I continue to learn. I guess we always have to continue to learn with the times. May not always agree or even understand but it is life today.

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