It makes me very happy when I give, but I don’t always remember to do so. I’ve learned that giving is a practice that doesn’t always come naturally. There are so many ways we can give… Our time, our money, our attention, our friendship. And, when giving becomes a practice, it becomes a way of being.

It’s normal to be occupied with worrying about ourselves during stressful times. This became clear to me during the first intense wave of Covid when my business was hurting. It was a big lesson in giving. How do I give when I feel hopeless and lost? It truly opened my heart when I was able to notice feelings of shame around that and work with it. 

This year, JOIN ME FOR THANKS & GIVING—5 DAYS OF CHARITY. From Thursday, November 17th through Monday, November 21st, Alembika will donate 15% of each individual sale to your choice of four women-focused charities: GIRLSTARTKIVAMADRE and NCADV: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

You shop, we donate. Join us! 

Happy Tuesday!

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