We all have ways to stay sane and grounded in our hectic world. One of the things I find helpful is setting intentions. It is especially helpful when working in a team where we each bring our own story, triggers, baggage and personality.

I like to get a feel of everyone at the beginning of a meeting so I ask that we each share our moods by saying something like what color or animal we are today (we know to tread lightly with the person who answered red or a lion that day.)

Last week we shared what our mantras were at that moment. They are:

Yael, President: “Trust the process”
Fatima, Sales Manager: “No regrets”
Alin, Marketing: “Own it”
Gennifer, Copywriter: “It’s good enough”
Anca, Receivables: “Learn from It”
Claire, Merchandising Assistant: “YOLO” (You Only Live Once)
Taryn, Creative: “I am grateful”
Mark, Marketing: “It is what it is”
Lola, Customer Service / Stylist: “The only way to fail is to give up.”

What’s your mantra for today?

Happy Tuesday,

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