We’ve received some great feedback on our Alembika Rewards program which makes me so happy. It means that our community of Alembika women are celebrating their beauty and honoring themselves as they are right now.

Alembika Rewards has mutual benefits for our consumers and our business. Customers have many ways to earn points to use towards a discount at check out. Sign up and you’ll automatically receive 500 points. 

Refer a friend and once your friend spends over $100, you will earn 5000 points (that is $50!) and your friend will get $50 off their first order!

Share on social media or simply have a birthday and you will receive more rewards. Of course, this all feeds our mission to clothe women in a variety of styles that they feel great and look fantastic in. 

You can learn more by visiting https://alembika.com/pages/alembika-rewards.

Thanks sharing your thoughts and feedback, it really matters to us.


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