Dear Rootchi Women,

My friend, a psychoanalyst, was introduced to the book “Sex For One” during a course she took. Everyone should read it. It’s about masturbation and covers everything you need to know—for women, men and couples. I bought a copy for myself and a few more for my kids, my best friend’s kids, my friends and colleagues. 


I like how the author talks about our first sexual experience and how it can bring stress to many if they didn’t have a partner at a certain age. She explains that your first sexual encounter is with yourself, going on about self-love and how masturbation is an expression of how we care for ourselves. And, it’s never too late! 


For those who don’t have a partner, for those who may have lost their partner, and for couples, too—at any age! I am thrilled that Dr. Natasha Wiig will be joining us this coming Friday to discuss self-love and sexuality in depth. Join me!

Happy Week,


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