There are many mornings when I wake up worried and concerned… Business changes require my attention; issues that I might not know how to solve yet. Sometimes it’s about money or my kids or my body that I think might have an illness I don’t know about yet. It all seems quite scary and gloomy when it’s 6:00 am and I’m lying down in bed. 

Staying horizontal never helps. Trying to fall back to sleep is not easy because the dark thoughts stick around. But magically, when I get up, stand and leave my bed, those upsetting thoughts leave as well. When I stand up, get on my feet and start moving, it all seems so much easier. I can cope now, being vertical. I can welcome the day, whatever it is.

How do you cope with early morning gloomy thoughts?

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. I can so much relate to what you are saying…only difference I wake at 4:00 and cant get back to sleep.

  2. I am so glad to have found you. I have a few jackets by Hagar that I bought in Israel many years ago and I am still wearing. Those are the only pieces that cover me although my size has changed. I love them for the movement and the humor and am so glad to be able to buy more pieces now that I found you.
    I also have burial plots in NY although I love the cemetery my parents are buried in in Israel. I resolved to not travel once I am dead, so wherever I happen to be at the event of my death, that is where I will be buried.

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