Alembika’s sizing is unique in that we offer many sizes and in a way that offers solutions to the fact that most of us are actually in between sizes. 

Our website provides detailed size charts for every product as well as helpful info to help determine how you’d like it to fit. For example, if it’s a knit (and has a stretch) or a woven (with less give) this may mean you want to stay true to size or go up or down a size. 

One important and helpful new consideration in determining which item and size to choose is something I recently learned from Catherine Schuller, AICI Certified Image Professional.

I met Catherine Schuller who introduced me to my body shape (I am a rectangle). She explained to me what it meant in terms of dressing to my shape. As Cat says: “The solution is less about height and weight and more about SHAPE.”

I do believe that identifying our body shapes will help us to better shop for our body type and size and Cat will help us do so!

On Wednesday, May 15th, we will host a Shape Workshop with Catherine in the Renaissance Hotel in NYC so if you are nearby, you can join us: Register here.

If you cannot attend in person, be sure to watch our Instagram and Facebook.

And if you would like a session with Cat in person, click here.

Happy Tuesday,
Yael Edelist, President, Alembika USA

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