“We believe in being FEARLESS. We want to practice this positive attitude, be brave in all we do, and dare to be extraordinary!”

Debbi’s free jump wearing our Iconic Stretch Jeans

Many of us are raised to believe that while it’s okay to feel carefree and be adventurous to a degree, there are activities we should probably avoid, especially later in life when there may be more to risk, or we may be more fragile.

When I come across articles here and there about women who are skydiving, mountain climbing, ice trekking and more in their fifties and older, it ignites huge admiration and motivates me to be more daring—yet I also get a little annoyed. Why are we, as a society, so amazed when it is a woman who is brave, daring and eager to take adventure into her own hands? Why isn’t this the norm?

Personally, I have never found risk or adventure to be something I want to do, but I love the emotion and feelings evoked in me as I see others being fearless. That is who and what I want to be in my life—FEARLESS.

For the launch of Alembika’s SPRING-SUMMER 2023 COLLECTIONS, our head designer in Israel, Hagar, was touched by the elements, creating collections that are inspired by earth, water and air. This inspired me to find and connect with women who interact intimately with these elements, land, sea and sky, on a weekly or even a daily basis—women who are daring, innately brave and admirably fearless!

We found them! Make sure you read about our five featured daring dames here in A-Mag, where you’ll meet Lori, Tammie, Debbi, Theresa & Nella…

#ALEMBIKAWOMEN, left to right: Lori, Tammie, Debbie, Theresa & Nella in Puntos, Iconic Jeans & more!

Debbi, shown here skydiving in Iconic Jeans, is an Alembika Woman who jumps from airplanes on the regular, with such joy! She is an inspiration to us all, and if you haven’t seen the homepage video yet, check it out and be wowed!

Daredevil Debbi, free-jumping in Alembika Iconic jeans!
Just wow!
The smile on her face is EVERYTHING!


“I have a memory as a young girl with a group of my friends in my neighborhood. We all climbed up to a hill and I was afraid to jump, but I wanted to get rid of it and move on, so I jumped first.”

Hagar in her happy place…
At home where art fills her space…
And playing with fabrics…

We caught up with our head designer, Hagar Alembik, and asked her what daring means to her. Her answers are simple and honest. A beautiful perspective about not actually being fearless, but to be daring in the face of fear.

“Daring is to do what I am not usually doing, or what I am afraid of doing…

Free jump, diving… not thinking ahead.

I want to dare to make mistakes as a parent or grandma. 

Creating is where I feel safe, where I like myself and I’m not afraid.

Last year when I had my heart surgery, a few doctors told me I could wait and monitor it and I felt the fear but also the daring to go ahead and do it so I can move on. Daring in the face of my fear. 

Maybe daring is to be afraid? We always run away from fear.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing a few words on fearlessness from Yael and Hagar—two of our seriously inspiring #AlembikaWomen! Welcome to Spring-Summer 2023 and our Fearless Campaign! Now, go have fun shopping the BRAND NEW COLLECTIONS!

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  1. Being fearless…Ferocious and somewhat carefree are things I am striving to be! I have lived with health scares, care giving and death for the past five years! In spite of the pain…I choose Joy…and am getting to know ME in a whole new way! Changing your mindset requires changing your circle and addressing those who feel you should be slowing down as opposed to blasting off!

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts, Patricia! We all strive to choose Joy, despite what life throws our way. I hope you will join us tomorrow in the Zoom Café (https://blog.alembika.com/alembika-cafe/next-up-alembika-zoom-cafe/) where you will meet even more fearless women who will tell their very cool stories. With joy and love, Jocelyn, Editor, Alembika.com

  2. Wow! From that very first *fateful* day that I opened Alembika Zoom Cafe window at the beginning of the pandemic, February 2020, to be greeted by Yael’s radiant face and hello….my whole world has expanded exponentially because of this community!
    From it’s very inception, Alembika Zoom Cafe has sought to create—and has succeeded—a worldwide network of caring, connected, creative, collaborating wise women/human beings. We are regularly introduced to all sorts of people creating and doing good in the world as well as transforming themselves.
    This Alembika Community has been a *daring and fearless* project from its beginnings!!!!
    I am boundlessly grateful to all the women who make Alembika Zoom Cafe possible….Yael, Alin, Hagar, et al….and all of us who gather in the Zoom squares to share and “hold one another” as we grow wiser and more compassionate together.
    It is an enormous pleasure and privilege to participate in learning to become more with you all; to dare more and to become more fearsome!! xo

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