This spring, during Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2023, Hagar Alembik won the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for making a global impact throughout her 25 year fashion career. She was also recognized for being one of the most successful Israeli fashion designers and exporters in the world. 

Since 2005, Hagar has developed her own design language to empower individuals with a personal expression and freedom to feel confident and beautiful just as they are.  Her creations are available in thousands of boutiques around the world: USA, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy and Spain as well as on

Hagar, a single mother, began her fashion education at age 30 while raising her daughter Lee. “I was the oldest student in class. Everyone was in their early 20s and I already had a 2nd grader at home. Lee would join me for a full school day in Shenkar right after she finished her school. It was quite an experience for both of us.”

Her recognizable designs – a combination of soft, flowing fabrics that are comfortable to wear and eclectic color and texture schemes reminiscent of Israeli street style –  have defined local Israeli couture through her work and have since translated into energizing fashion throughout the world. 

Other inspirations include the work of her late father and renowned sculptor, Emanuel HaZofe and the childhood drawings of her young daughter, Lee. Creativity, imagination and wonder are all infused into the collections Hagar dreams up. One example is her Wearable Art collection available on

Photo Credits: Haydon Perrior for Kornit Fashion Week

Hagar’s Summer 2023 Limited-Edition Collection will begin rolling out in the near future. Opt in to be the first to know when it’s ready to add to cart by subscribing to the right:

We asked Alembika’s designer, Hagar Alembik, to answer some of our #AlembikaWomen questions… Here’s what she shared.

To read more about Hagar’s story visit

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