“What’s next?” is the open-ended, multi-faceted theme of Alembika’s FALL-WINTER 2022 LAUNCH. It has been a long couple of years for everyone navigating Covid and everything that came with it—coping with the isolation we all felt (and dealt with) in different ways, grieving personal and universal loss, and much more. We are ready to move forward, big time. We hope you’ll join us in contemplating what’s next for you, as we embrace this positive, upward-and-onward idea… Let’s go!

As we consider this exciting question, I think of how, in this little sphere, we are a strong, growing community of immensely inspiring, wildly creative, wise women of certainty (yes, you!), many of whom have already experienced multiple journeys in our lives. So “What’s next?” is a many nuanced question and one we look forward to exploring with you—our inspirational #AlembikaWomen!

When you’re finished drooling over our NEW FW22 COLLECTIONS, I encourage you to ponder what’s next for you—and if you wish, share your answers to the following questions with us!

As our editor, I enjoy a certain freedom to share my thoughts in this editorial space, and I hope if you’ve made it this far, something resonates with you. My personal what’s next story synchronized with our work on the FW22 theme, so I thought I’d share it here in THE WELL, from a wellness perspective, by answering our What’s Next Questions. We will be sharing more reflections on the theme from other #AlembikaWomen in the coming weeks.  

1st Annual Alembika Day, NYC Showroom
What’s next? Self care, sand and ocean waves.

1) What is the very first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the question “What’s next?”
SELF. CARE. And more beach time. It’s SO cleansing. My mom passed away in May after a 15-year journey with dementia. I was her primary caregiver. And I have grieved the loss of her, as both a mother and friend, in many, many stages. It was a beautiful and heartbreaking journey to share. And when she died, she was ready. So was I.

It’s been at least a decade since she nudged me about being single or offered unsolicited career advice—or inspired me with her watercolors, cracked me up with her sarcasm, or taught me how to make her killer brisket (mine is still not as good). But before, during and after this time steeped in frustration and pain, laughter and loss, one thing remains as lucid as ever—she nurtured me with an unconditional love that holds me to this day. And, as I take a moment to pause and reflect on what’s next, to breathe without weight, and miss her brilliance rather than feel the strange relief of her passing, I feel the warmth of light and my vision of what’s next just beginning to emerge. But for now, self care.

2) Is there a specific career goal, creative endeavor or travel plan that you plan to embark upon in the coming months or year?
I am working full time for the first time in a while… My career goal is to stay on that path and see what blossoms. I am grateful to my “sisters” (and Mark) behind the scenes at Alembika.com—a small team with big passion, who let me ramble on in this space, here with you. How lucky am I? As for creative endeavors or travel, I plan to bring my mom’s travel watercolor kit with me to Old San Juan in late November… Art, culture, beauty, palm trees, lots of time to breathe and reflect…

3) What do you envision yourself doing at this time next year? 
I have no wild idea. But I can’t wait to find out!

Showroom shenanigans on Annual Alembika Day

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  1. I joined The Cafe for the first time yesterday for the fall/winter launch. I really enjoyed listening and participating. One inclusive suggestion: at the beginning of a meet, perhaps Yael can mute everyone and call on each woman, one by one, to give their name and where they live. Short and sweet. Five minutes.

    1. Sure! Good idea! Thank you Reva.

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