Melanie McGrath Knuts (pronounced “Ka-nootz,” it’s Finnish) has been working for 30 years to help people know and achieve their heart’s desires. This work has taken her on a journey to learn and practice several modalities of healing.

What did you do or do for work?

I am a Psychoanalyst and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in my own company: MJM Integrated Health, LLC; as well as a University Professor.
I have been blessed in my work because what I do is my vocation. It’s challenging, creative, stimulating—and after many, many years of training, it is lucrative. (Thank goodness! I love, love, love teaching my graduate students at Fordham!
I am grateful always for the sense of purpose my work has given to me; and the appreciation of so many of my patients and students.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

I wait and I pray.

What would you do if you had the whole day to yourself?

The first thing i do is “unplug.” I walk away from my phone and my computer; I become inaccessible to the “outer world.” Next, if it’s not Winter, I garden. Gardening came late in life to me; a wonderful surprise! It’s pleasurable and soothing to me on every level. I love the physicality of it. My 88 year-old aunt, whom I adore and who has gardened her entire adult life, said to me recently, “The garden will teach you everything that’s valuable in this life. Pay attention!” I would take my hour out to lie down and do a guided meditation. I would treat myself to a mani/pedi…and probably a blow-dry for my hair. If our pool is open, I would swim my wonderful laps (then hair blow-dry ;). Lastly, I would enjoy the quiet pleasure of cheese and crackers as the evening begins, on the deck with my darling husband, overlooking and savoring our garden and pond-shaped pool surrounded by fir trees.

What is the best thing about being a woman?

Arriving at this age of 60+! No birth control! “Real” cleavage post menopause! A sense of growing self-confidence that eluded me in my younger years. A readiness to say “YES!” to Life. A longitudinal perspective of Life. Laughing hard, a sense of humor, and making people laugh—all coming to me after 50. A willingness to speak up and share my truth—which also eluded me in my younger years. Being able to trust my resilience in Life. Having earned my adulthood!!!

What is the one piece of clothing you cannot live without?

A lacy camisole!

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