I read a life-changing book by a psychologist, Galit Atlas, called Emotional Inheritance, who documents some of her patient’s cases, weaving in her own story and confirming that until we get to know our past, we cannot let it go. It stays with us, in the present.

The cases the author shares are fascinating and breathtaking. You cannot read about them without reflecting on your own emotional inheritance. What did I get from my ancestors that I might not even know about or recognize?

I am the product of generations of women who were brought up to believe they weren’t smart enough to go to school or run a business. My mom’s father sold the family business because “women don’t run businesses” and he had no sons to take over. My mom never went to university. I escaped that thread only because I left Israel and came to study in the US, where I found a more flexible way to go to college. It is possible to break an unhealthy pattern.

What is your emotional inheritance?

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. loved the article and the fact that you try to conenct with your customers not only thru fun of clothes but the inside out……………..I am a friend of Gloria Goldberg, and I would like to know if you are planning on having a store sale??? If so when???…………..thank you , saragayart

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