We are all extremely sensitive these days, emotionally and politically. There is a lot of destruction in the world and many of us are directly affected. 

Our office is a mirror to this world condition; we are a very vibrant, motivated, diverse group of people. We have Israelis, Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Atheists, and Christians on the team. Some of us are vocal and some are quiet. We do not always agree with each other and we sometimes get into very passionate arguments that leave some of us hurt and isolated. 

I am learning a lot these days. I mainly learn how much I don’t know and how much pain I feel.

Here is what I wrote to my Muslim team member the other day after we had a few days of tension between us (I am Jewish and grew up in Israel until I was 24 when I moved to the US).

“A profound shift happened in me today through our talks. My heart broke open in a new way. I can’t put into words but it’s mainly through your love to the Israeli family you adopted, and to your Palestinian friends from home. Almost impossible to handle, but you do. You can take both and see us all. It made me see your pain and understand a deep deep tear we have and maybe unrepairable but allows us all to feel everything and share that with each other. We share the suffering.”

It’s time we hold each other and heal.

Can we share our humanity?

Make it a good Wednesday,


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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They inspired me to treasure everyone around me.

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