I am helping my elderly friend, Hannelore, in clearing out her apartment or as she calls it ” clearing the clutter”.

She wants to leave things in order for her boys so they don’t have to worry about her hundred notebooks and old documents or files no one will care about when she is gone.

Every time we clear an area, we both feel an opening and spacious feeling.

I find it very satisfying to need less. Liberating and healing almost. 

Funny enough, she won’t let me touch her clothes. She wants them all and every time we meet, (once a week), she makes sure she dresses up for the occasion. 

I find this process helpful in preparing for the next chapter, for when I really don’t need much, when the focus will be my physical comfort and emotional safety. Learning to let go. 

While helping Hannelore, I came across a company who specializes in this. Quite cool people who understand the emotional process of scaling down by all means. https://www.papermoonmoves.com/

Did you ever move from a big home into an apartment?

Have you scaled down yourself?

What was your experience?

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. I want so much to clear out a vast mountain of stuff once thought vital and necessary—by my husband. We are talking with an intuitive and caring therapist but I pray it won’t take as long to clear out as it did to accumulate.

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