I started to write my will 6 years ago. I was nervous going into that realm of thought when I met my lawyer for the first time to discuss my final wishes but 6 years later, I feel very fortunate to have started that process. 

And how come it is still in progress? Because part of the end of life process is to think about the people we love and we want to acknowledge.

Not everyone in our will will get a monetary gift, some will get a note from me, an art piece or a piece of clothing that reminds me of them or a book that I want to leave for them.

This process is slow and long and very satisfying. It makes me feel generous and connected and reminds me how we are all impermanent and about the most important thing which is how we leave this world not when.

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Or The Well –¬†Swedish Death Cleaning¬† if you want to start gifting people now.

Happy Tuesday,  Yael

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