I like this period of time in between seasons where goods are starting to come in, the team is working on new campaigns and there is a lot of anticipation and excitement around the new styles and who wants what, guessing what will be a hit and to know we are all probably wrong with our guesses.

We start the season with 2 Zoom Cafe’s after a big break. We want to see your faces and hear your voices.

Sunday¬†Feb 11th 3-4pm ET¬†we will meet Barbara Huson, the leading authority on women, wealth and power to discuss “What if your money problems aren’t about money?” Despite being the daughter of the R in H&R Block, Barbara has had quite a financial journey that we can all learn from.

And on Friday, Feb 16th 4-5pm ET we will introduce the new spring collections designed and inspired by the desire to travel and to feel alive!

Happy Tuesday,

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