Welcome to The Well, Alembika Magazine’s newest space, where you’ll find content on a myriad of topics that support wellbeing. As this column takes flight, you’ll find articles of interest that share positive pro-age attitudes and gems of inspiration for empowered living—shared by wise women of all ages, from all walks of life. We’ll provide accessible mind-body practices that take just a few moments of your day, talk about preventative health, offer tips on navigating health care, and so much more!

At Alembika, we believe in discussing age in a positive fashion, in following your dreams no matter how many birthdays you’ve celebrated, and in trying new things at every stage of life—whether you are just embarking on a new career, or retiring from one and starting anew.

One of the foundations of the Alembika brand—founded by Hagar Alembik, an established designer in the Israeli fashion scene and Dr. Judy Fadlon, an anthropologist—is that you should feel comfortable with yourself, and in your body. Not the one you are working on or fantasizing about. The one you have right now. 

At Alembika, we believe being pro-age means loving yourself, the whole of you, no matter where you may be along the journey—embracing who you are in the present moment, bumps and all. And, in engaging with like-minded women who are inspirational, creatively and otherwise.

Deborah Darling wearing Alembika Female Leader Wanted Tee
Alembika Female Leader Deborah Darling

The Well is where we hope to paint little portraits of the big possibilities open to our powerful 50+ community. We look forward to sharing stories, by guest contributors far and wide, that reveal the importance of expressing ourselves to impact change—both personally and in connection with others.

Sharing ideas is how we evolve as a community, growing together as female leaders, each in our own unique ways. We have been so fortunate to have grown our diverse community of women with you and we’re grateful!

We love seeing your faces every two weeks on the Alembika Zoom Café, where we have fun introducing guests who engage us in many ways—from CEOs and psychotherapists to celebrity stylists and music historians. And we look forward to meeting you here, as well (no pun intended).

We love hearing about fearless #AlembikaWomen who have reinvented themselves at different stages in life. Many of you have returned to school, built new careers and revealed hidden talents… And many of you have fought and won difficult challenges with grace and with grit.

You’ve shown us by example that when we continue to nourish The Well, anything is possible, whether we are 37 or 73. It’s about having a positive outlook and understanding that there is always something new we can do to expand our horizons, enrich our lives, and achieve a sense of balance.

So join us here, where we’ll offer up healthy little doses of information and inspiration that help tend to your well—as well as our collective community well.

We love hearing from you. If you have a story to pitch, connect with me by emailing jocelyn@ronirabl.com. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Be well!

Influencer StyleCrone, fabulous & free-spirited at 70-something.
 Style Crone, Judith, fab & free-spirited at 80.

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